Friday is for lists.

After four hours of teaching on Thursday, it’s hard to think. So here are some fragments of thoughts.

1. I thought I was going to give you the rest of the Nehemiah routines writing. Instead, I’ll give you that whole chapter from the book, along with the preface. A-Great-Work-1431371917. I hope you find it helpful all together.

2. I watched a video today about a college senior given the opportunity to give a commencement address. On Saturday. As a Orthodox Jew. His reflection on sabbath I find intriguing. And challenging. (Thanks to Golda).

3. There are a list of many books on Spiritual Formation in a new page here. It’s not comprehensive, but it gives you a glimpse of some of the books that have formed me.

4. In the face of lots of stories about the shifting numbers of people identifying with Christianity or not, I wrote a list of statements for myself. They are not comprehensive. But they are helpful for me.

  • I am not responsible for Christianity succeeding or failing.
  • I am responsible for my behavior and believing.
  • There are things that Jesus plainly taught. I need to obey those.
  • There are things that Jesus plainly lived. I need to model those.

Have a great weekend.


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