Running for a reason

I’ve tried to figure out how to do fundraising with running. Actually, I’ve wanted my running to be helpful for someone other than me. And I wanted to get something figured out for my 57th birthday in July.

Along came the #iworkoutbeCAUSE 30-day charity running challenge. Complete at least 12 20-minute workouts in 30 days and raise $150 for your charity and you can qualify for a drawing to receive $2000 for the charity.

am walkingThe workout part is easy. Nancy and I walk that much almost every day, and I’m in day 35 of a series of consecutive days of running. Many of those runs are long enough to qualify. So I’m running for Tiny Hands, International. They work to eliminate child trafficking, particularly in Nepal. (More on Tiny Hands). I’ve got an affinity for Nepal. And if you want to join on the fundraising side, I’d be grateful.

Of course, if you want to join on the running side, I’d be grateful, too. Most of my running happens alone. In the past year, I’ve had someone running with me four times. Two races, two workouts.

Part of the challenge, of course, is that I run in our neighborhood at night. There aren’t many people that run in our neighborhood at night.

I could probably ask around. I could adjust my schedule. I could ask. But I mostly just run on my own.

I’m pretty sure that if I ran with someone, an individual or a group who could encouragement to push a little harder, to go a little further, I would be stronger. And I could help them be stronger, too.

Because community is helpful for taking on hard tasks. Or even daily runs.

And maybe it’s not just about running.

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