sit-still cups.

Some friends gave me some new coffee cups the other day. They are small. They are from Ethiopia. They are for the coffee ceremony.

My friend said her husband uses a travel mug while he’s working in Ethiopia. She said that these are the opposite of travel mugs. These are sit-still cups.

IMG_2365You sit still and share hospitality. You sit and share time. You sit and share reflections and strengthen the fabric of community with small cups filled with just-roasted coffee. It’s a ceremony. It’s a routine. It’s an appreciation of small sips.

I have coffee in my new cup as I write. Because the cup is so small, I’m sipping. I’m painting with smaller strokes. I’m slowing down. I’m thinking about Jesus and you and the quiet conversation we are all having at this moment as we talk and listen and sip coffee.

I was actually looking for stories about Jesus in the evening, sipping something with the disciples as the sun went down. I had a picture to paint together about quiet moments. But when I searched for “evening” I realized that evening is when crowds came to Peter’s house to see Jesus. Evening is when the huge crowd just feed miraculously by Jesus bedded down for the night, but the disciples headed across the lake to be terrified by Jesus walking on the water coming to them. Evening is when Jesus told them to get into a fishing boat and then went to sleep as a storm came up. Evening is when Jesus and the disciples left Jerusalem during Holy week to avoid late night attacks from the religious leaders. Evening is when Nicodemus came to Jesus.

I’m sure the wilderness was quieter. But Jesus was with people. Because he was looking for them. It’s who he was seeking. Small sips at a time.

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  1. Parke

    I appreciate the reminders on multiple levels here.
    * We remember that trying to bring our (or another) culture’s traditions back into the story of Jesus doesn’t always work.
    * We remember that Jesus’ recorded moments of quiet (that I can remember today) were often with people or with God in prayer. (prayer by himself, Last Supper, prayer in the garden and eating fish with the disciples)
    * We remember that Jesus was and called us to be about loving and interacting with people.

    Today, it reminds me to redeem a few more of the quiet moments of life with prayer to God about the things of life and the kingdom.


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