A fair story.

Using Facebook to keep track of friends leads to so much confusion.

According to their status, Mark and Susie were on their way to Africa. But I saw them walking past my window. I ran outside to talk with them.

They were leaving for Africa on this day, but they weren’t needed at the gate until 3:00pm. It was only 10:00am. They wanted to visit the Grabill Country Fair before their flight.

“It’s been 10 years since we were here during the fair,” he said. “And I came every year since I was a kid. We wanted to visit before we left.”

Mark and Susie have lived in east Africa, teaching orphans how to live and lead in their home country. Now, after several years, they are moving 4,500 miles across Africa. Another country, another culture, more children needing a sense of home in their own country.

It’s interesting that Mark and Susie help kids have a home by giving up their own. In God’s way of working with people, it’s possible that home isn’t where we think.

When you talk to Mark and Susie, they talk about using how they were made to work in another place which has needs specifically for teaching and facilities management. And which may even match their personalities.

I’ve known Susie for a couple decades. She’s never been the kind of person that wanted to be heroic, that thought in terms of changing the world. But she’s always wanted to do good work, to be faithful, to meet needs.

I think that attitude is how people can survive without the fair. It’s how people can leave newly-married kids and college-starting kids to make homes for parentless kids.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to see the fair, even on your last day in the country.