Me. Right now.

I find it easy to get overwhelmed by the immensity of challenges large and small.

  • When I look at political discussions, I can chase down avenues of doubt and chaos.
  • When I listen to stories of pain in other parts of the world, I freeze. My pain is nothing compared to theirs, and I cannot think of how to help them, and I feel responsible for my inaction, but don’t know what to do.
  • When I hear from those near me struggling financially and spiritually and physically, my hands drop in frustration at systematic and individual choices.

IMG_0307But at this moment, the only thing I can do is to move or not. To pray or not. To love or not. To converse with the people around me – Nancy, friends, family, coworkers, servers, those needing service – or not. To acknowledge that my actions may change nothing in the world at large, but could give courage or assurance or comfort or peace or identification to a person next to me.

Jesus affirms the invitation to Love God. Love God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength is a call to action, not to the fear of wrong action, or the paralysis of insufficient action. And learning to do all of anything starts with doing some. I may not be able to demonstrate love for God with all of my mind, but the next thought can be spent trying to figure out how to live out that love. And the next action can be to carry out that thought. And the next emotion can be tears with the person I have just loved.

It’s Monday. It’s a day devoted to realizing how tired we are from the weekend. So love God by offering moments of graciousness today, to yourself and to others. Because God offers moments of graciousness to us.

To be seen when we least expect them. 

2 thoughts on “Me. Right now.

  1. josephruizjr

    Thanks Jon I needed to hear this today. I was just feeling overwhelmed as you described. Yesterday our pastor challenged us to Do Something! This was in light of being overwhelmed and feeling like we can’t do everything.


  2. Rich Dixon

    Comparing…the sure path to being overwhelmed and doing nothing. Is humility the opposite of comparison? Simply taking “me. right here. right now.” and doing something.

    Change the world for one or two people.


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