Remembering stories for the first time again.

I forgot about Uriah. Maybe you have, too.

the windsorA couple years ago I wrote a series of posts about Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah the Hittite. He’s the man that David had killed because David had raped his wife and wanted to cover up the resulting pregnancy.

Occasionally, I’ve thought about the story I was telling. I’ve thought about going back and finishing it. But then I forget.

Monday I was reading through 2 Samuel. Near the end, I read through the appendix to the story of David, an annotated list that talks about David’s mighty men, his special forces, his elite soldiers.

In that list, I found Uriah the Hittite.

I thought, “That’s amazing. It wasn’t some guy David had killed, it was one of his best soldiers. David was so consumed with the desire to protect his reputation that he betrayed one of his most loyal soldiers to be able to steal his wife. David took advantage of a corrupt general to aid in the assassination by enemy fire.”

But I had forgotten that Uriah was in the list of loyal soldiers. When I went to record my great new discovery in my previous writings, I discovered that I had known this all along. Or at least a couple years ago when I was writing about it.

It reminded me of the importance of reviewing even familiar Bible stories, of reading large chunks and being reminded of things that we forgot we once knew.

Because when we see some of the stories again, we have lived more. We see new connections between people and between ideas.

I think I’ll go back to the Uriah story. It sounds pretty contemporary. Maybe we can learn something from the things David faced because of his own inappropriate obsessions.


One thought on “Remembering stories for the first time again.

  1. Karen

    I really agree with re-reading passages we’ve read before. So many times the Lord has blessed me anew because of life-experiences that applied to that verse; and it sometimes feels like “wow! I never knew that before!”


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