A short post on thinking better.

A researcher is working on clinical trials for a new Alzheimer’s treatment. The drug he has developed doesn’t eliminate brain plaque. It strengthens brain building blocks. The theory is that if the brain cells are stronger, the plaque can’t do as much damage.

It’s a powerful idea. It’s also a powerful metaphor. Rather than focusing all your energy on the messy stuff that clogs things up, strengthen the core.

Strengthening the relationship is a way to reduce the effects of distraction. Strengthening the team gives you resilience in whatever obstacles that appear.

And for Paul, thinking about true and noble and right and pure and lovely and admirable and excellent and praiseworthy things is more effective at protecting our hearts and head than is worrying.

I wrote a story in two parts about this last year, about a conversation with Ella about what Paul meant.

I suggest that today you consider reading them.

You know, instead of worrying.

Part one: Think better

Part two: Praiseworthy Portillo’s