How to give.

“What if I told you?
You have the power
To give someone hope
Far beyond their wildest dreams
What if I told you it’s right there in your hands?”

A couple years ago, a woman named Jill heard a song by Matthew West. It’s called “Give This Christmas Away.” She got to the bridge of the song and decided to do something.

“It’s feeding the hungry
It’s serving the poor
It’s telling the orphan
You’re not forgotten anymore
It’s doing what love does
Even when no one’s watching you.”

She looked at her hands and found yarn. She looked past the end of her fingertips and found friends sharing lives through social media.

It turns out that Jill is kind of like Dorcas. (I talked about her the other day.)

Instead of sewing dresses for widows, Jill knits hats. And then sells them and uses the money to help people at Christmas. And she buys hand-crafted stuff from others, creates an auction, and then gives the auction money away at Christmas.

2016-04-03_2004She has created a community of people around her Instagram account. She shares stories of encouragement. She shares quotecards of inspiration and identification. And pictures of coffee from rivercityroasters. And pictures of a cat.

The people getting Christmas are nominated by her community from all around the country. Including widows. And single moms. And people who need diapers for kids.

She started knitting because it helps her not think sometimes. There’s pain in her story. That’s how her community first formed, some other women in difficult situations. She tells the story herself in this short version of her story. She’s just.jill.b on Instagram, though in my world, she’s my little sister.

If you want to help give Christmas away, I bet you could with a Paypal friends and family payment to Or look at your hands and see what’s there and love someone.

Like Jill did.

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