Boldly compassionate.

boldlyWe’ve been talking about how to become compassionate. I was thinking about Jesus and realized that he models bold compassion. He wades into situations where people feel pain and rejection and anonymity.

A woman had been bent double for eighteen years. He interrupts his teaching, calls her forward and heals her.

A widow’s son dies and Jesus interrupts the funeral procession. He tells the boy to get up. And he does.

He knows that healing people on the sabbath day will provoke arguments and he plunges in anyway, pushing back against the leaders and then healing a man’s hand.

He moves from village to village, proclaiming the kingdom of God and healing people. He has compassion on them because they are as helpless as shepherdless sheep.

Jesus is proactive about his compassion, going to places where there are people in pain. He lives with awareness of the pain around him and responds.

He uses his capacity for one-to-one healing intentionally and boldly.

Which makes me ask, “How do I use my capacity for one-to-one healing?”

I don’t have the same capacity as Jesus, as far as I have demonstrated so far. I have not been able to speak to eyes and make them see, physically.

But I have watched people begin to see after having the eyes of their hearts healed enough to know that they were loved. And I have seen relationships heal when forgiveness is offered. And I have watched people give other people toilet paper and diapers and hope.

And so I invite you to take the capacity for healing that you have and use it. Without asking permission from anyone but the person you are helping. Without waiting for resources other than the ones you have. With only the model of Jesus.

Be boldly compassionate.