You may be moved.

There are times when I watch something or read something or hear something that makes me stop, makes me weep. This video brings together four people whose relationship accomplished that stopping.

I’ve been shaped by Eugene Peterson for thirty years. I read A Long Obedience in the Same Direction when I was teaching speech in the late 80’s. I’ve been talking about Psalms 120-134 ever since.

I’ve been shaped by Bono for eight years. A friend introduced me to the spiritual songs of U2 long after I should have discovered them. I have listened often to “Yahweh” while driving to church early on Sunday morning.

I discovered the importance of Jan Peterson when I read The Pastor, Eugene’s autobiography. His description of their partnership has been poking at me, and at Nancy and I. We want to be better at working together in helping people. And when we watched Jan taking homemade cookies off the cookie sheet for Bono, we both teared up.

I’ve been shaped by God since, well, since before I can remember. And I’ve walked through the journey with His word described in this video from facts and lists to rich imagination and deep layers of interaction.

So you may understand why I was so moved to see all these people together in one video, talking about words which have also been part of that process (psalms). The location, the quiet, the conversation, the living room. I was challenged and humbled and inspired.

I don’t expect everyone, or perhaps anyone, to find this video as captivating as I did. But for a glimpse into what has formed me, this video may help.

And for more on reading the psalms from the project that produced the video, here: Bono and Eugene Peterson.

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