Look it up yourself

I was going to write about several places that the Holy Spirit is mentioned in the Bible. I started to search Biblegateway.com with “Holy Spirit” and “Spirit of God” and “My Spirit.” And then I stopped to think.

Yesterday I told you that Jesus said the Spirit would teach the disciples and remind them of the things Jesus said. I realized that I could do the search and read the passages and group them and create a summary for you. And you, some of you, would say, “That’s helpful. I need to save that.” And you would. And if you are like me, it would become another list saved to use sometime. Added to along list of such lists.

So instead, I decided to suggest that you search Biblegateway.com with the terms “Holy Spirit” and “Spirit of God” and “my Spirit.” And say, “Spirit, I’m looking for any themes that help me understand more about your work and your personality and your relationship with the rest of God. I’d love any help you could give.”

And then read through the search results. Look for the patterns and the differences. Consider the character sketch that begins to emerge. Notice the other persons, divine and human, who are appearing around the reference. Consider the kinds of work the Spirit is doing, the kinds of help being offered, the kinds of insight being provided.

I know that I’m not giving you answers with this post. Instead, I’m inviting you into a conversation with God.

You’re welcome.