Listening for Calling

A guest post by Aaron Charles.

You love stories.

You know how I know that? Because we all love stories. From fairy tales to that yarn your grandma spins every time you see her, stories captivate us.

Many of us have something else in common too. It’s a question we’ve grappled with for so long.

What is my calling?
callingIt is this question that Jeff Goins seeks to answer in his book, The Art of Work. He does so by drawing upon the stories of individuals who have wrestled with this idea of calling and come out on the other side. It wasn’t always easy for them. In fact, it wasn’t easy for ANY of them.

A calling isn’t supposed to be easy. But it’s worth it.

Goins’ own story of becoming a full-time writer is as compelling a tale of finding your calling as any. One passage especially resonated with me.

“What kind of writer do you want to be?” my friend Marion asked me. I didn’t know what to say. The truth was I wanted to be like a lot of different writers, but what I really wanted was what they had: fame, talent, money. Sometimes, your calling is simply accepting your role in a story that is bigger than you. So when my friend asked what kind of writer I wanted to be, I said the most natural thing that came to mind: ‘I want to be the kind of writer I’m supposed to be.'”

We’re all on a journey. Our calling isn’t some moment in the future when we will magically have it all figured out. It’s right now. Our calling is around us at this very moment.

We just need to listen.

God has a plan. Somewhere, we fit into that plan. By listening to Him, we’ll find our way.


Aaron Charles is an assistant account executive at a marketing agency in South Bend, Ind. He is married to his beautiful wife, Sarah. They’ve gone on many adventures together, including a trip to the Super Bowl. Aaron’s dream is to write books. You can find his weekly writings at

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