I need a trainer.

trainerHere’s what I would tell the person.


I’m scheduled to run a marathon in 18 weeks (and 4 days). I need a plan that will include exact stretches and a running schedule and probably some strength training and hydration and nutrition menus.

But I need to tell you some things about me.

I just hit the one-year mark in my running streak. So I have the capacity to show up every day and run. I’ve averaged 2.44 miles per day for the streak. But a bunch were just 1.2 mile runs, my fall-back. I fall-back a lot.

I should stretch, but I procrastinate my run until there’s not much time to do it right. It’s hard to work one plan. So I just do about 5 minutes includes 40 crunches.

I’ve lost ten pounds in the last couple months. But I eat a limited range of foods. I’m a “discerning ” eater. I avoid most vegetables, embrace a banana a day and blueberries. I’m pretty sure there must be a marathon plan that doesn’t require cauliflower. Or beets, kale, broccoli, green beans, peas, asparagus, or brussels sprouts. Or a blender. Or spending money on supplements.

I sleep 6 hours at the most.

My hip hurts.

I am bad at self-discipline, other than making sure I avoid vegetables and making sure I do check facebook.

Can you give me the directions that would get me ready to run my best in October within all those constraints? In a 30 minute appointment.  For free?


The trainer would say, “I’ll do that for you if you’ll tell me everything I can do to train for a spiritual marathon in October. In 30 minutes.”

I would say, “That’s crazy. If you aren’t willing to do the things that would give you endurance and health and relationship with God, how can you imagine getting stronger?”

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