Asking for help in quality work.

On Sundays, our pastor is preaching a series of messages on 1 and 2 Peter.  On Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, a couple groups discuss the sermon. I write the questions for those groups.

Last week I was preparing some questions for a discussion of 1 Peter 2:18-25.

These paragraphs say that servants are called to work really well, whether their boss is good or is bad. Regardless of whether you get rewarded for good work or punished. And, Peter says, if you get punished for bad work, that makes sense. But being punished for good work, that makes a statement.

Peter uses the example of Jesus who did great work, including healing people, proclaiming spiritual freedom, and offering hope. He was attacked for this and eventually killed. The attack came because he claimed that his authority was from God, that his identity was God. He followed this path of good work leading to death, Peter says, for us.

As I was reflecting about this, I thought, “What if we asked God to help each other to do great work?”

To be morning reflectionfaithful to our work regardless of whether it gets noticed. To be astonishingly creative. To be able to respond with graciousness when people are foolish. To find connections between people and ideas and problems and solutions that no one has been able to think of before. To be accurate about the numbers in our accounting sheets when we are tired. To be kind even on the 14th bedpan of the day.

I mean, God knows stuff. And if we ask for insight, he can give it. If we ask for wisdom, he can give it. If we ask for patience or delight or perseverance, he can build it in us.

So that’s what I’m asking on your behalf.

I just thought you all should know that.


Apparently, I need your prayer, too. I accidentally published this first as a page. Which no one sees. Now it’s a post. After a decade of blogging, some days the basics are still not so basic.

2 thoughts on “Asking for help in quality work.

  1. Rich Dixon

    “To be able to respond with graciousness when people are foolish.”

    I could have used that last week. So could the people around me!

    I love your statement: God knows stuff. Sometimes I need to remember that.


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