Peter gets around.

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I interrupted. “But he does travel some. He goes to Samaria.”

Paul nodded. “He does. I respect that. After Philip had worked in Samaria, Peter and John went to visit with people and teach them. And then he went to Joppa, on the Mediterranean coast.”

“Where Jonah set sail?”

“It is, in fact.” Paul said. “And it was from Joppa that Peter went to the house of the Cornelius, the Roman officer. After a vision from God, of course, but he went. So Peter followed the Spirit to all the places where God was working.”

“Including Antioch.“

IMG_1352“Including Antioch,” Paul said. “Where Barnabas and I had been working together and watching an amazing miracle of people from different cultural and ethnic and religious backgrounds coming together. For conversation, for Communion, for worship, for prayer.”

“And Peter joined in.”

“I was so proud of him,” Paul said. “He didn’t hesitate to share in a love feast with a gentile sailor. They had a great time talking about Jesus and fishing. And this went on for a few days. Peter’s acceptance was such a powerful experience in the community as he talked about walking with Jesus and his experience with Cornelius.”

“And then you got upset.”

“One evening I noticed that Peter had guests with him. They looked a little travel-worn, and Peter sat with them off to the side of the group. I didn’t think anything of it. After, Peter introduced them as men from Jerusalem, acquainted with James. I mentioned that I had met James too, back when Peter and I had first spent time together. They nodded, but they weren’t too impressed.”

“I know that feeling,” I said. “They are polite, but act as though everyone has met James. So what happened?”

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