Friday updates.

Some updates.

  1. Chris Gattis was a regular reader of this blog. He was also a regular correspondent about this blog. He emailed about music, about faith, about obedience. He asked questions. He made suggestions. He offered encouragement. I appreciated him deeply.
    But our correspondence was of the kind that there were gaps. And so, I missed the news that he died July 25.  I’m grateful to Peter M for letting me know. And I invite you all to join me in praying for his wife Ann and family. And I will miss his words.
  2. As of this week, I will be working in a .6 position (about 24 hours a week) as a chaplain Parkview Regional Medical Center and as a resource consultant with Center for Congregations (strengthening congregations in Northeast Indiana by helping them find and use resources). This is in addition to my consulting work with Arbor Research Group and adjunct teaching for Bethel College. The transition into the third half of my career seems to have stabilized. Thank you to those of you who have been praying.
  3. Someone asked me one day what blogs I read regularly that relate to the things I talk about here. The short answer is, “not many.” I regularly read Rich Dixon’s blog. I’ve started reading Gary Mintchell’s blog. And David Welford. I listen to 37thePodcast with my friends Terry and Michael. And The Calling and sermons from Willow Creek. I sample from lots of links from other people, but nothing consistent. I wish I could offer more. But I tend to write the things I like to read.
  4. I write somewhat regularly at Linkedin about being a chaplain. I will connect with you there if you would like.
  5. Thank you. For reading. For writing. For caring.

And goodbye Chris. See you later.

6 thoughts on “Friday updates.

  1. David

    Thank you Jon. I appreciate the encouragement.

    Like you I have a few regulars that I always read (including 300 Words a Day). There are blogs that encourage me, blogs that challenge me, blogs that lift me, and blogs that make me laugh. The posts that really touch me I share on FB or via email to friends.

    Sorry to hear about Chris Gattis. I will pray for his wife and family.


  2. Jim

    Thanks for the update. Glad things are settling in some.

    I don’t read many blogs any more either. A number hit my feed reader, and if something peaks my interest, I’ll give it a look. I think it’s information overload.

    Blessing to you and yours!


    1. Jon Swanson

      Jim, I think it is overload. There is so much to try to follow that we cannot. And often, we get wrapped up in the skimming and never get to the reading. And when I say “we” I mean me.


  3. Gary Mintchell

    Thanks for your thoughts, Jon. As someone in the fifth half of my career, I sympathize. On the other hand, you are doing some very meaningful work.

    Thanks for the shout out. I start every morning with you. I appreciate it. I have my coffee with you virtually, even though I do not go through Ft. Wayne often any more since I quit my job in Chicago and work from home.


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