Preparing to be thankful

Tomorrow, in the US, we’ll go around a table and say what we’re thankful for. I never know exactly what to say. It’s not that I’m ungrateful, but I never know exactly where to start. (And, to be honest, in the worries about what might happen tomorrow, I often forget some of what happened three months ago.)

So I’m offering you some help.

Ask yourself these questions. Tell people coming to dinner that you are going to ask them one of these. (Hey, write a Facebook post answering one of these questions!)

  • Who are five people you had helpful conversations with this year? What made the conversations helpful?
  • What are three things you read that you remember because they helped you understand the writer or yourself or a problem or an opportunity better?
  • What are three experiences that you remember enriching you most? Big, little, long, short, doesn’t matter. What matters is you remember them.
  • When were the three best nights of sleep you had this year?
  • What were the three most enjoyable meals this year? What did you eat? Who were you with? What, if anything was the event?
  • What are the three most inspiring stories you were part of first-hand this year? Not that you read on the Internet, not that you saw on TV. That you somehow were part of.
  • What’s the most helpful glimpse of God you got this year?
  • What three processes got started this year that you are grateful for?
  • What are a couple things you forgot to mention to God this year that you want to take care of now?

IMG_1764.JPGIf you want to take this to another level, ask “How can you do more of that in the next 5 weeks?”


The photo is one of Nancy’s favorite conversations,  on a beach in Maine.

And this post is taken from my newsletter for ministry leaders, “The Guy Down The Hall“.

One thought on “Preparing to be thankful

  1. janeann72

    My greatest blessing this year started about Thanksgiving last year when I decided to begin 2016. Writing the Scriptures for a change from having read throught the Bible many years and part of those years color coding through my NIV Inductive Study Bible.
    so far I have written 15 books randomly… some I used Journibles, and then I began using composition books for under a dollar each to save money..
    Another blessing was when I also began using scripture reading challenges from rather than just reading them I wrote them along with a bit of art work along the way.

    I have been so richly blessed by slowing down and writing the Word.

    Psalm 119:97. “O how I love thy law! It is my meditation all day long.”

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