An opportunity to speak well.

We’ll get back to the researcher next week. I’m just as curious as you are.


The church year started on the first Sunday of Advent. For the weeks before Christmas, we practice reflection and anticipation. We’re reminded of a bigger story than our own. We are invited to celebrate the coming of Jesus once, and to anticipate the coming of Jesus again.

With anticipation as our head start, the calendar year starts this week. It gives us the opportunity to renew existing commitments, to renounce past commitments and to make new commitments.

Which is, of course, true EVERY day. But the new year is our time to talk about those commitments. This week I’ll suggest four of those opportunities.

Opportunity 1: Speak about the good news we experience.

As we read in Luke 2:16-21, the shepherds found themselves in the middle of an amazing thing, Angels said “go” and they went and what the angels said actually was true. It wasn’t a dream. And so they told everyone what they had been told about the child. Which was, A savior was born.

As they were going back to their flocks in the field, they weren’t trying to convince people of something abstract, something theological. They weren’t selling a set of behaviors.

IMG_1623.JPGThey heard, they saw, they told.

We celebrate cynicism and failures. We share stories about how that person SAID this but they DID that.

What if, for this year, we looked for examples of consistency and talked about them with the same passion we show for inconsistency. And in particular, moments of God’s consistency.

  • That person made a promise…AND THEY KEPT IT!
  • You trained and trained and actually completed your races!
  • I know that you’ve been working on being more grateful. And during the last year, I’ve seen real progress. Not perfection, but progress.
  • You don’t know this, but for the past few months, God and I have been talking about you. You asked me to pray about wisdom for you. And so I have. And I need to tell you, it’s growing.

Consider being a shepherd this year.


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