John the pointer

John was expecting the messiah. He recognized Jesus. And then he pointed people to Jesus.

There is the one. Follow him.

goThat’s a rough thing. John had been pretty popular. He had crowds and followers and press attention. And from this moment, it started to disappear.

People actually started to follow Jesus.

Even John’s disciples, the guys he had been mentoring, became Jesus’ disciples. Because JOHN told them to go.

In a time when we watch leaders build followings, the idea of someone saying, “Don’t follow me, follow him” feels strange.

But John’s whole reason for living was to point people toward Jesus. Toward the king and the kingdom.

John didn’t understand it all. There’s reason to believe that John was figuring that the kingdom would start soon. Freedom from Rome. Freedom for God’s people.

It’s time for a recap from the last three days.

John’s way of living teaches us to live in expectation of the one who is greater than us. Expectation was baked into his calling. It was what he understood as the purpose of his life.  John was living toward the arrival of Jesus. So what are our lives pointing to? What’s the purpose?

John’s sensitivity to recognize teaches us to be sensitive.  John knew to listen for the Holy Spirit. But we have to be willing to recognize and to look where Jesus said that we were to look. To serve those who need rather than focusing always on our needs.

And John’s willingness to point away from himself toward Jesus teaches us to serve more than shout.  Proclaiming the presence of the one who is greater. Pointing out to other people that here is the one who is greater than we are.