Go ahead.

It’s a sentence I hear often. It starts, “I know I should” and then it goes on to describe something that the person believes will help them grow spiritually. Or that they believe that someone else believes will help them.

I’m guessing that you may say that sentence as well.

I sometimes argue with the person, trying to help them not fall into other people’s expectations. But today, I want to suggest that you think a little differently.

What’s the one small change that you know you could make that would help you grow more healthy in your spiritual life? That’s the part of you that is built to connect outside you. The part that is build to connect with God.

morning run.I could offer examples. But I don’t think you need them. I think that you know, and God knows, the thing he’s inviting you to do. To start. To stop. To continue. To do. 

And here’s my counsel and my permission and my blessing and my prayer. For you today. For you this weekend. For you right now.

Go ahead. 

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