The eyes of your heart.

I haven’t read the first chapter of Ephesians for a long time. Or maybe I’ve focused so much on one part that I don’t remember another part.

Paul sent a letter to a group of people that he knew and loved and wasn’t with. He talked about what he was saying to God about them. Where we might pray that someone would have good health or peace with their enemies, Paul was praying for insight.

He wanted God to open the eyes of their hearts.

Paul understood something about eyes that didn’t work. His introduction to Jesus ended with his physical eyes being clouded. He had to be led around for a few days. But during those days, I think that the eyes of his heart were opened. He was able to see, as in understand, the story that God had been telling with the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus.

IMG_2254.JPGHe got it. It made sense to him. During the time that he couldn’t see, he found the vision for his life-a vision of building up the body of Christ, the people who come together in community. While he couldn’t see, he found the hope to hang onto. While he couldn’t see, he understood the power that had raised Jesus from the dead.

And when his physical eyes were open, he lived out that vision, hope, and power.

Which is what he then starts praying for his friends in Ephesus. He wanted their hearts to understand what his does.

But it takes insight. As Paul knew, it wasn’t just about sound reasoning. It’s about the moments where you are reflecting on something from the Bible that you haven’t ever seen and you suddenly understand. You see the connection between Paul’s biography and his prayer for others.

Just like this post.

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  1. janeann72

    This is so true…. I have been writing the Scriptures since the beginning of 2016…. It has been so revealing to me. Not bragging, but so amazed at the things I have missed reading through the Word all these years…. Writing the Word has caused me to do a lot more searching and thought and prayer. (8 books and counting)

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