Quarterly report

I was talking with my friend Cheryl the other day. We were talking about life and habits and fitness. She said, “What would it take you to get started running again?”

“I need a nudge of accountability,” I said. Not to look over my shoulder and judge. Not to cheer mindlessly. But to remind me that we don’t do what we do in a vacuum.

That’s what you do, by stopping here and reading and thinking. You give me a nudge of accountability.

So do some friends who have invested in you.

At the end of 2016, some of you noticed an invitation to support 300wordsaday.com. When you asked, I sent this email:

 I’m looking for a handful of people who would like to be sustaining members of 300wordsaday and Social Media Chaplain. There’s no tax break. I’m not a non-profit. There’s no special gift. 

I’d love to have twenty people each giving $15 a year to underwrite the email, the domains for 300wordsaday.com and socialmediachaplain.com, and a publishing project using Pressbooks as my platform (That’s what I used for my Nehemiah book and I really like it. And, as you may have guessed, “Saint John” is already in progress that way.) And a little coffee for the time I spend mentoring young leaders which often turns into posts here and on my email list for young leaders. 

ThanksAnd that’s about what graciously happened.

So, during the last three months, Paul has published three times here and I’ve written 55 new posts and republished only six times. I’m several thousands of words into my book on chaplaincy (Before You Walk In). And I’ve had coffee and conversations several times. So having that handful of support has, in fact, sustained me with a nudge of accountability.

I thought about finishing this essay by identifying what I haven’t done. But I would scold someone else if they did that. So I won’t. But I wanted to thank you for your help.