I started to write a post about being indispensable. Nancy suggested it.

She missed a training event the other week. It was about becoming indispensable. She had too much to do at work.

But at the moment, I’m too tired to write that essay, to explore what it means dispensable and indispensable, disposable, irreplaceable and replaceable. I’d talk about the differences between being part of an organization and part of a team and part of a family. I’d reflect on the difference between being a cog and being a person.

I’d talk about all the people I see in a day at the hospital, each of which could be replaced in our beds, our scanners, our systems. None of whom can be replaced in the hearts and minds of the people who love them and hate them, the people who begat or befriended them, the people who are formed by interaction with them.

I’d talk about what it means to have roles filled by different people, but how people can never be filled in by simply describing their roles.

jar fiveI would talk about what it means to be created in the image of God, to be gifted in different ways, to be called by name to follow Jesus like he individually called the twelve. I would reflect on the way we are described as an interdependent body, or even as a hand-shaped temple, with each stone individually quarried and fitted. I’d think about how we are described as clay pots, cracked from external wear and internal pressures but still carrying the treasure of the light of God.

And I would look at you and say, “Regardless of whether any people notice, you are indispensable in the heart of the One who made you.”

But I’m too tired to unpack that.

One thought on “Indispensable.

  1. Elaine Stauss

    Though too tired to write your usual , the Holy Spirit gave you effective, thought-provoking words to say.
    Thank you for writing here consistently even when . . . It’s an example of listening and serving consistently.


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