From 5 minutes to 5 miles in less than a week.

“5 minutes to 5 miles.” That’s what my sister told me to write about. I asked her last week for an idea. She sent me a picture of the readout of her stationary bike. She had a knee replacement. Shortly after, she could ride for five minutes.  Within a week she was riding five miles at a stretch.

IMG_2837.PNGShe said that the subtitle should be “How determination drives something like progress that starts like with a d.” Which could have taken us to a discussion of alliteration, trying to figure out a synonym for progress.

But progress is the word. Determination drives progress. You decide and you progress. Maybe not succeed, whatever that means. Maybe not get ahead, whatever that means. But you progress.

My sister keeps doing that. Her determination about many things across time has helped her to progress.  She’s taken as a principle a statement from the Proverbsfor the righteous falls seven times and rises again. “Fall seven, get up eight” is how she says it.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” is the way our dad said it. Get up. Finish. Don’t procrastinate to perfection, finish this and move on.

Today, you may need Jill’s words. And Dad’s and the Proverbs’. Even if there aren’t 300 of them.

Decide. Progress.