For fun.

“What do you two do for fun?’

I was asked that question again recently and once again, I didn’t have a clear answer. I said something about walking and talking together, but that sounds a little too basic.

It’s a question that Nancy and I ask each other from time to time, at those times when we get an unexpected free day or evening. Other people go out to eat, or go to a movie, or go to a sporting event. Some people take ballroom dancing lessons or go on climbing vacations or have adventures. We don’t. And so it has always felt awkward to come up with an acceptable answer.

Driving home after the conversation, however, I finally realized what the answer is: We do life together.

IMG_3159.JPGWe talk to people in crisis moments together. We talk about people in crisis together. We are the church service on Sunday mornings together. We sit at tables with people for vacation. We eat leftovers together or decide to splurge on $5 pizza together. We help eat other at work. We help each other with wording, we worry and pray for and smile about our kids. We cheer for each other and cry with each other. We nap on the sofa after long days. And we do walk and talk together.

I’m not against the other ways people choose to have fun. But I’ve decided that I’m not worried about not having fun anymore. Because being us is fun. At least for us.

Because we do life together. 

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