Bedhead in the lobby.

I spent the night in a hotel. In the morning I wanted coffee. The coffee in the room wasn’t going to be good. The coffee in the lobby might be better. I started to change into street clothes to go get coffee.

Then I looked in the mirror.

My hair wasn’t all standing up. But it wasn’t well-ordered. It looked as those someone had been sleeping in it.  I made those feeble finger-combing efforts we make. It didn’t help much.

And I seriously considered drinking the awful room coffee.

ash wednesday.I knew that no one at this hotel would know me or recognize me. I knew that my bedhead wouldn’t jeopardize my non-existent reputation for fashion. But I was uncertain about the thoughts of others in this low-cost airport hotel at 6:30 am.

And in that last sentence, you begin to see what I began to realize about myself.

The reason I was concerned about how my bedhead would appear is that apparently, I notice it in others. I judge it in others. And when I begin to rationalize about where I am and how that will make a difference, I am making another layer of judgment.

When Jesus says that we will be judged by the measure we use, we usually think about big subjects. And most of us think we are pretty safe. But what if Jesus was thinking about a pattern of thoughts? What if I am engaging in a subtle process of valuing and devaluing all the time?

“Didn’t care enough about others to comb his hair.” “Stays in a Hotwire hotel, doesn’t have high standards.” “Stays in the expensive hotel, must be worth knowing.”

Don’t take this as attacking you for combing your hair. I did comb mine before I headed out for the day. But if I’m letting my concern for what people may think of my hair get in the way of my morning coffee, I’m needing to examine that addiction.

2 thoughts on “Bedhead in the lobby.

  1. josephruizjr

    Ouch, this is too close to home. On the bright side you still have hair to comb! In my experience the coffee in the lobby isn’t much better. I am grateful for aeropress and or a nearby Starbucks 🙂


    1. Jon Swanson

      After all that self-discovery, it turned out that the lobby coffee wasn’t great. I made tea in my room and then made my way to better coffee.


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