Thinking about seeds.

Yesterday, we walked through the farming story that Jesus told. It’s a story that makes sense just as a story. But then Jesus starts to explain it.

The seed, Jesus says, is the news about the kingdom of God.

He talked about it all the time. He taught us to pray often that God’s kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

FieldAs Jesus talked and lived it, it is a place of community for the lonely, welcome for the rejected, healing for the sick, rest for the weary. Yet it’s not a place, as in a building. It’s not a mindset or an attitude. It’s wherever and whenever people orient their lives toward the king.

And a tiny understanding of that message is like a seed, that starts tiny and grows in our lives.

But nothing grows if you don’t plant seeds. The soils can’t respond if there is nothing to respond to.  And so the farmer spreads seed. Generously. Abundantly. Everywhere.

The farmer, who at that moment and in that story was Jesus, was tossing out words of the kingdom of God all the time. “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.” That’s what he said. “Your sins are forgiven.” That’s what he said.

And then, what he did said even more. He talked to children. He talked to women. He talked to Samaritans. He touched people who were sick without flinching. He spent patient time with people who asked the same questions over and over. He lived and died and rose again.

He was planting seeds about the kingdom all the time with every word and every act. Which is the invitation and command to those who follow up. Plant seed, all the time. Speak of forgiveness, and then live it. Touch without flinching. Share without judging.


Tomorrow, the soil.

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  1. godsbooklover

    “But nothing grows if you don’t plant seeds. The soils can’t respond if there is nothing to respond to. And so the farmed spreads seed. Generously. Abundantly. Everywhere.” This may be the most helpful new thought on this parable that I have heard in a long time. Thank you.


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