Theology, travel, millennials, moments, and James.

Some books I’ve been reading.

The Pastor as Public Theologian by Vanhoozer and Strachan. I’m teaching a grad course in pastoral care right now. This is one of the text I chose. So I have to read it. But I’m finding helpful the challenge to think well about what it means to pastor not just preach, to shepherd not just lead.

booksAt Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider. I’m not a traveler. Apart from Nepal, I’ve not been overseas (I understand that’s a big exception.) But as I read this description of a family taking a year and living around the world, I was captured. Part of it was her descriptions of places I’ve had other friends visit (her description of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony was wonderful). She let me see those places with clarity. Part of it was her transparency in talking about wrestling with faith in the middle of living. And part of it was that I needed a good travel book.

Cause for Change by Saratovsky and Feldmann. In the course of a consulting project about millennials, I read this research report on how people born between 1982 and 2000 are engaged in the nonprofit world. Whether as supporters, staff (volunteer or paid), or leaders, there are amazing commitments to making a difference. I know that all generations have people who want to care. But I see in the millennials I know a significant challenge to my complacency.

James by God and James. We’re using this in the pastoral care course, too.

The Power of Moments by Heath and Heath. Chip and Dan shaped my thinking and teaching with Switch. This book, coming out in October, will be doing the same (I have an advance reader’s copy). They help us think about why some moments are incredibly memorable and how we can create memorable moments. How we can, for example, help people forget parts of the pain of a process and remember the transformation.

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  1. josephruizjr

    I loved Switch and Decisive can’t wait for their latest. I appreciate the insights it’s a useful perspective thank you.


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