on the road again.

I started running again.

I never stopped, not completely.  After my marathon, my running became inconsistent. When I lost the training wheels of a running streak on one side and marathon training on the other, my internal motivation was not enough to get me on the road regularly.  I ran occasionally, once or twice a month.

IMG_3609.JPGI felt a little like I was letting people down. After all that work for a streak and then for the marathon, how could I answer questions about whether I was still running when I was only doing a few miles a month?

Sometime in the summer, I started again with a little more consistency. But I didn’t tell anyone other than Nancy. I didn’t keep track with my running app. I only counted the steps.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to register for a race to give me something to work toward. I’m running the Fort4Fitness for the fourth year in a row tomorrow. The first time was a 10K (6.2 miles). The second year was a half marathon (13.1 miles). Last year was a marathon (26.2). This year I’m going back to the 10K. It fits the time I had to prepare. It will challenge me. And for the past couple of months, for the first time, running is almost enjoyable.

I was going to surprise Andrew with my race. He’s running the half again this year. But I realized that I enjoyed talking about running with him too much to hide my preparation from him. So I told him a few weeks ago. He’ll miss my finish, I’ll miss his start. But we’ll both be out running our races separately together.

I’m telling you this because my running journey always felt like it wasn’t about running. It was about spiritual journeys, too. I’m guessing that a couple of you might be where I was a year ago. After a big push, the motivation was gone. But it just because you aren’t running the same, doesn’t mean you aren’t a runner.

3 thoughts on “on the road again.

  1. billhanifin

    Jon, running can be a metaphor for many things, and provides tangible evidence of our ability to make and keep commitments. For me, it has also been a time when I can leave the “noise” of the world behind and effectively meditate on whatever is top of mind for me that day. Leaving the watch and music behind has been a key for me to tapping into this freedom and to keep it fun. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.


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