Only so much space.

I’ve been busy. So have you. Busy enough that finding one long thought is challenging. But I can offer several smaller thoughts this morning.

One: We move on after a bad decision. We move on after something ends. Except for a life. We go on when a family member or friend dies. We go on, taking one step and then another. But we don’t move on.

Two: When Jesus told the Pharisees a story about a landowner who built a vineyard and leased it out, it’s a story that sounds like it’s from a modern investment strategy book. Plant the vines, build a wall, build a watchtower, dig a winepress. And then let someone else rent and operate it.

It turns out that Jesus wasn’t borrowing the image from Shark Tank. He borrowed it from Isaiah. Which meant that as he talked to the Pharisees, they understood that the story he was telling was abut Israel. And her religious leaders. Which was them.

Three: Psalm 62 looks like any other psalm: poetic structure, the word “selah” placed every few lines. Until you look at it more closely. You find that the writer says “you” to several different groups. Including himself. It’s an interesting thing to reflect on. I invite you to do so. (I started on it last week.)

Chaplain mugsFour: One of the hard things you are doing this morning is deciding what to do after you finish skimming this post. May I make a suggestion? Set down your digital device. Pick up your coffee cup (it’s okay if you don’t have one). And simply say, “God, help me have enough space in my heart to hear how I can help someone today.” And then go about your day. And when you hear the suggestion, follow it.