3 homework assignments for the weekend.

The Readiness Commitment. That’s what I’m using as a theme for this week’s sermon. We’re looking at the story Jesus tells about wedding attendants. Half assumed that the time to get ready for the spontaneous wedding celebration was when they were sure the market was open. The other half assumed that the market would be open whenever they wanted to get ready. Being ready takes commitment when it inconveniences us.

IMG_2021.JPGI’m learning every shift I work at the hospital that some people are ready for whatever random catastrophe happens. They may not be able to predict which problem will happen, but they know that some problem will happen and they have planned for what to do. Many more people haven’t gotten around to the important conversations.

This weekend, take some time to identify which conversations you want to have: with God, with family, with friends, with yourself. And then talk.

No Place to Hide. That’s Dr Lee Warren’s book about his journey of faith as a neurosurgeon during the Iraq war. The Kindle version is on sale during November. That’s a Veteran’s Day sale that actually seems appropriate. Lee’s capacity to reflect on pain and purpose without being offensively gory is helpful to me regularly.  This weekend, take some time to reflect on the sacrifice some people, known as veterans, have made of their bodies and memories and futures. And thank them for their service.

“I’m not stupid.”  The other day I made the mistake of being one day behind in the date I wrote on some paperwork. When I discovered my mistake I was frustrated. I almost said, “Some times I’m the stup…” And then I stopped, perhaps for the first time ever. I acknowledged my mistake, fixed it, apologized. It was a real error. But I also have to be honest with myself. I’m not whatever it means to be stupid. Neither are you. Neither is anyone.

This weekend, let’s give each other and ourselves the grace of not verbally attacking the people who God created.