It’s not too late to share a meal with someone who needs it.

Good Monday morning!

Yesterday, I was looking at a story Jesus told about people who served the least. The story is set at the end of time, with Jesus looking like a king. In the story, Jesus says that the people who had served those in need had served him.

I’ve looked at the story for years. Yesterday, a couple things jumped out.

First,  until he explained what he meant about helping him, it made no sense to them that they had served Jesus. Because they were sure that they had never seen the glorious being that is in front of them at this moment, full of power, full of passion, full of authority. If they had seen THIS person, they would have noticed.

SharingSecond and related, these people were simply living the kind of life that made sense to their hearts. If someone they knew, someone they were connected to, someone who was connected to Jesus was hungry, they split their food. If someone they knew, someone they were related to, someone who was connected to Jesus, was sick, laying at home unable to get to the market or to get to the fields for harvest, they visited. A visit that offered relationship and refreshment and supplies in an era when you didn’t get time off with pay. If someone they were related to but had never met was in town, they invited that person to a wonderful meal, or to spend the night — just like family. If someone they were connect to needed a coat because the weather was changing, they shared theirs.

They were aware enough of the needs of those people, they listened enough to the quiet clues, that they could help. They were Sherlock Holmes enough to notice needs and Jesus enough to care.

They weren’t doing it to get something from God. They weren’t doing it to prove how spiritual they were. They were doing it because people were hungry and lonely.

It was the way they chose to live. And the option is still open. Because these people are still in our lives.


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