Sometimes you have to look.

“You must go up “Bulldog’s Revenge” (our signature hill at the end of the loop heading up to the bell tower) each time through, whether you are doing the short course or long course. No credit for laps where you do not complete the official course. Don’t risk disqualification by skipping the hill.”

That paragraph has been worrying our son Andrew and me for a couple of months. We’re seriously considering an 8 hour endurance race in July. (That’s what should be worrying you.). You run (or walk)  a 3.1 mile loop as many times as you can, with whatever resting you want, for 8 hours. But every time, you have to climb this “signature” hill. And we hadn’t seen the hill.

So yesterday, I went to look at the hill. I’m glad I did. I’m sure that after a few laps in the July heat of Indianapolis, it will get steeper and steeper. But it’s not impossible. It’s maybe 75 feet of elevation.

Now that I’ve looked at it, we’re both more comfortable about how to deal with it. We can stop worrying and start preparing.

There are many things that you and I worry about. Things could go wrong. Something might fall apart. But often, we’re unwilling to look at the thing that we worry about. It then is larger, more gruesome, more dangerous, and more consuming of space in our minds than it is in real life.

So look at it. Scout it out. Move from imagining what could go wrong to preparing what could go right. For example, rather than worrying what could go wrong in loving people, love them.

And if you want to come run with us, you are welcome.