Jeff wanted to know when the post on waiting is coming. That’s after he read the post about courage. When I asked Andrew and Nancy for a word for tonight, the word they gave me was perseverance. So I’m guessing that Jeff is going to have to keep waiting.

Perseverance is, according to Eugene Peterson, “a long obedience in the same direction.” (I wrote about his book a few years ago.)

Perseverance is hard because perseverance is boring and perseverance is repetitive and perseverance is Andrew running 4 miles yesterday and 4 miles today and taking a couple weeks awhile back to not run. Perseverance is having moments of fear and responding poorly at first and then better the next time and then having fewer moments of fear.

Perseverance is moms. Not every mom, but lots of moms. My mom. My sisters who are moms. My Nancy who is a mom. All of them are examples of loving their children for so long that their children know that they are loved.

You may have to wait forever for perseverance. But maybe that’s the point. What you do while you are waiting is the work. It is the change. It is the obedience.


Photo credit: my sister Jill.