Looking into our blind spots – a leadership workshop.

Back in March 2017, I mentioned a book for leaders, written by Terry Linhart, a good friend and colleague. The Self-Aware Leader is written to help leaders look into our blindspots, the places that are just out of sight of the rearview mirror. Maturing doesn’t mean that we don’t have them, it means that we know we need to discover what’s happening just below the surface in our lives.

Joan and AprilI keep talking with people who are complaining about the blind spots of other leaders. That’s not particularly helpful if we don’t spend some time working our own lives with the help of others and God.

As I mentioned in that March post, four of us spent time recording a series of conversations about some of the themes in the book. They’ve been released at 37thepodcast one at a time. All eight of those conversations are available.

Terry, Joan McClendon, April Diaz, and I had a wonderful time talking together. Having listened to all of these conversations as they happened, and most of them as they were released, I think that it’s a pretty good 4-hour workshop on leadership.

1. The Self-Aware Leader

2. Seeing your Self

3. Seeing your Past

4. Seeing your Temptations

5. Seeing your Emotions

6. Seeing your Pressures

7. Seeing your Conflicts

8. Seeing your Margins

And, for a few days, the Kindle edition of The Self-Aware Leader is on sale.