In the cracks.

IMG_0164Some days that’s where we live. In the tiny gaps of time between the bigger events. We have massive concrete slabs of meetings and funerals and work and sleep. And in between, narrow spaces.

In some sidewalks, those are called expansion joints. They allow the sidewalk to expand and contract without cracking. When the sidewalk is built well, they do their job. If the sidewalk is built poorly, it cracks.

In some sidewalks, the expansion joints are fake, just grooves cut into the surface of the concrete. They create the appearance of space, but offer nothing deep.

And in those cracks, seeds grow. Sometimes weeds, sometimes grass, sometimes flowers.

So here are my thoughts while sitting in a narrow space on Wednesday.

1. Don’t fill the expansion joints with more concrete. Let there be space.

2. Build the large sections of work, of meetings, as well as you can. That will help you not crack.

3. Tiny seeds can take root and grow in remarkable ways in the smallest crack. So treasure even these little spaces.

4. Don’t create the facade of space. It will increase, not relieve, pressure.

5. And sometimes, walk away from the sidewalk and rest.


First published June, 2016.

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