Back at it

I missed you yesterday, missed being able to tell you a couple stories from our weekend. There was going to be a story about trees planted years ago. And a story about a young couple with faithfulness.

And then at 900 on Sunday, we were stopped at a red light and were hit from behind by a man who wasn’t at that moment completely aware of what he was doing. Given his age and my experience in the ER, I have guesses, but they are only guesses. He survived, we’re only a little achy. Neither car is likely to be going anywhere under its own power.

It was an accident, an unplanned event that has little blame available. Which makes it an interesting test of us.

I discovered that I immediately started assessing the situation, checking out Nancy, looking to see how the other driver was doing when he stopped about 50 yards away, telling the woman who witnessed the accident to call 911. But then I had to learn a little more about being on the receiving end of the care of first responders.

We are grateful. For first responders who were competent and compassionate. For a police officer who explained and another who gave us a ride. For Hotwire, and a tow driver who gave us a ride to our hotel WITH all the stuff from our car (after he had used another truck to pry open the trunk). For the capacity to walk and proximity to a shopping and eating area we are familiar with. For an insurance company that will be helpful. For colleagues covering work because rental cars aren’t easily available on the Sunday of a holiday weekend.

And we were grateful that we could have a day together. We’ve been busy. We needed to stop. And suddenly, we had to.

When Nancy posted the picture of the our car on Facebook, she refrained from tying the goodness of God to surviving the accident. What we both know is that God is always good, even when we do not understand. But we are both grateful to God for resources and provision.And we are more aware than ever of the needs of those who have neither.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about trees.

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  1. David

    Sorry to hear about the accident Jon, but glad you are both OK. Thanks for the reminder about needing to pause and rest together sometimes.


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