I think incrementally. A step at a time. And I think inductively. Things make sense to me after a bunch of steps have happened. I see the pattern more than I decide what should happen.

MonumentalWhich makes it strange that the word “monumental” came to mind just before I went to sleep the other night. A monumental act is a big thing that often seems to happen all at once. We pile up stones to remember an event, a meeting with God, a boundary between your land and mine. Monument is another word for gravestone, which means, perhaps, that every life is monumental.

Can you tell that I’m trying to make sense of this word, today, for you and me? I’m pretty sure that it’s not because we are supposed to be thinking about our tombstones, considering what we want our epitaph to be.

Here’s what I think, as I am getting ready to run and eat and go to work. I think that monumental things happen because of people and God being faithful to each other. It’s not so much that God shows up. It’s that we show up and God is already there. And in those moments are interactions worth remembering. And sometimes we set up markers -monuments- to remember in those moments when our memories fade.

A monument without a story is a pile of stones. But a pile of stones with a story – of God’s deliverance, of our repentance, of faithful community – that’s monumental.

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  1. Greg N.

    If* you’re a fan of The Message version of the Bible, Peterson does an incredible thing with Psalm 148… After listing off all of creation and different elements or characters as entities made and fit to praise Creator-God, the Psalmist suggests God’s finest piece of epic work is His own nation of faithful people and that of all testimonies to His glory- we are the “monument,” like you said, where “God and people are faithful to each other” 🙂

    “Let them praise the name of GOD — it’s the only Name worth praising. His radiance exceeds anything in earth and sky; he’s built a monument—his very own people! Praise from all who love GOD! Israel’s children, intimate friends of GOD. Hallelujah!”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭148:13-14‬ ‭MSG‬‬


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