Getting to the meeting

My first observation is this. Actually get to God.

Bartimaeus had one goal. Get the attention of Jesus.

As he was by the road, he heard a hubbub. A crowd was moving toward him. He asked what was happening. “Jesus of Nazareth is coming,” he was told.

For Bartimaeus, this isn’t a curiosity, this is opportunity for life. Because for Bartimaeus, this isn’t a street preacher, this isn’t a celebrity, this isn’t an event. When he starts to call out, Bartimaeus says, “Jesus, Son of David.”

That was a different thing to say. That was a noble thing to say. For the Jewish people at the time of Bartimaeus and Jesus, David was THE king. He’s the one God promised the throne to, forever. st john faceFor Bartimaeus to use that identification, took Jesus from a geographic location (Nazareth) to a position of heritage and power (Son of David).

And Bartimaeus kept calling out until Jesus stopped and asked for him to be brought.

Though Bartimaeus couldn’t see Jesus, he knew who he was.

Job wanted to see God, too. He wanted to have a conversation with him, he wanted to ask God for an explanation for all his troubles. Because they simply did not make sense.

So God finally spoke to Job. And it changed his view of everything.

Job says, “I had heard of you., but now I see you. And I’m so sorry for everything I thought about you.”

I think that we get the pictures of God. We hear parents and Sunday school teachers and friends say things and we pick up little pieces. We hear something about needing lots of people to pray so God pays attention. So we think that the more we offer the more God will notice us and will HAVE to do what we want. We hear a well-meaning family member say, “God must have wanted another angel” or “God wanted her up there” and we think, “God killed my baby” or “God killed my grandma.”

We have lots of little things we’d heard ABOUT God, and they often keep us from getting to know God, allowing ourselves to see God.

When we have the opportunity to get past the filters, to ask God directly for information and revelation and relationship, our picture can change.