“What should I do now and next?”

Life is busy.

We get overwhelmed with lists and options and details. We hear people all around us telling us what we need to do, telling us what we ought to do, even demanding what we are not to do.

It gets overwhelming.

And we think that we must be busier than people have ever been, that we have more to do that people have ever done.

Perhaps that is true.

We certainly have more options for electronic distractions, calling to us at all hours of the day and the night.

But the truth is that there had always been a craving for clarity.There has always been a desire among people to figure out the heart of what really matters.

At the hospital, we often come face to face with having to decide what really matters. We face traumas and trials and diseases and diagnoses and we want to know the heart of what we need to do. In the middle of all the chaos, what do I need focus on? As I focus on the next breath and the next breath and the next breath, what do I do with those breaths?

What matters most next.

Near the end of his preaching work, a week or so before he was murdered, Jesus was asked to simplify things. A law scholar came to him, having heard of Jesus’ reputation for wisdom and discernment. The scholar had heard that Jesus gave good answers to complicated questions.

IMG_4360.jpgAnd the text isn’t clear whether the man wanted to trick Jesus or to learn from him. There are enough hints that the man was asking a serious question to a man who was considered more wise than himself.

“What’s the most important commandment?” the man asked. In all the swirl of expectations and opportunities and threats and options, where should we live?

It’s a relevant question.


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