What sticks.

Good morning. (Or whatever time it is where you are.)

I started writing this post four years ago.  Back then I said,

“I often talk to you out of what I’m reading or studying or teaching. At this moment, as I wait for water to boil for tea and think through the week past and next, that could mean Nehemiah, James, 2 Timothy, Jonah or “Hearing God’s Voice” (a series I’m teaching). It would also include Colossians, Hebrews, and Psalms. And Jim Collins and Hal Higdon. And some other books and articles. It would include the reading I’m doing about Nepal and about God’s glory.

In short, too many options.”

bonnie doon.What’s funny now, four years later, is that just last week, I read through Colossians out loud in a class I’m teaching. I just sent a Jim Collins video to someone as part of an independent study. I’ll be reading from Nehemiah this Sunday, quoted James to a patient last week, and wrote about passing on words from God in yesterday’s post.

And I’m waiting for the water to boil again. And I still have too many options.

My working environment has changed much in four years. I’ve run a couple thousand miles since then.  I have very different conversations with very different groups of people. But I’m guessing that some themes keep running through my reflections.

And yet. I’m reminded that I need to be reviewing, rereading, refreshing. As much as I expand into new areas, I’m finding that I’m getting rusty on others.

I haven’t sat inside stories for awhile in the ways that you and I enjoy, though watching Jesus speak wine into existence last week was fun.

My hot water is ready. Time for “Sweet and Spicy” tea. And time for some quiet basics.

Where would you turn?