Simon and Jesus and the fish, part two.

Peter was glad to use his boat to help Jesus. Until everyone had to go to work. And Jesus finished his more talk. Peter got ready to go to shore, to go to bed.

And then Jesus said, “Let’s go out to the deep water, and you can put your clean and folded nets back into the water.”

Peter sounds a little sarcastic. Peter sounds a little exhausted. Peter sounds like a professional who is asked questions by a person of power who has no clue.

“We’ve been fishing all night,” he says, “and we’ve caught nothing. But because it’s you who is asking, we’ll do it.”

They do it. The nets were full. The boat was tipping. Peter called across the water to James and John, to get more help. Their boat was soon full and tipping, too.

The teacher who knew nothing about fishing apparently knew exactly where the fish were.

SunsetIt was shocking for Peter. Shocking and humbling and mortifying and devastating. Peter was overcome by the awareness that his success in the thing that he was best at could rest in someone else’s power. When Jesus was calling Peter, he didn’t ruin Peter’s business, he gave him the best day of fishing ever. Peter knew, going forward, that Jesus was trustworthy. Jesus would do what he said he would do.

Not, perhaps, what people wanted him to do. Not even what Peter wanted. But when Jesus called Peter to follow him, Jesus promised that he would teach Peter to fish for people. And he did.

So what’s Jesus asking you to do?

You may, like Isaiah, feel insignificant. Too young, too inexperienced. God gave him the words, and the endurance to speak the words.

You may, like Paul, feel like a failure. Killing Christians would make you feel scared of Christ, when you finally met him. Jesus gave him forgiveness, and the endurance to live the life.

You may, like Peter, feel like your reputation in your business is too big to risk. God reminded him that his success was in God’s hands, and that God could support him.

And to each of us, God says, I want you. Will you trust me?

Will we?


Isaiah 6:1-13, 1 Corinthians 15:1-11, and Luke 5:1-11

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