A prayer for the 7th Sunday of Epiphany and any day we fret.


We tell ourselves and each other to be still before you.
We tell each other and ourselves to be patient.
We hear that those who do evil will not last,
but we can’t be still and be patient when there is so much anger and fear,
when there are people losing their lives because of our inhumanity.
Or maybe because of our humanity.
We beg you for justice and deliverance
begging like Joseph must have begged, for year after year after year,
betrayed by brothers, alone in Egypt.
And yet, when he saw his brothers, he welcomed and kissed them.
He gave them hope and a future.
We confess that we are unwilling to forgive such deep pain so quickly.
We confess that we are sometimes unwilling to forgive inconveniences
just on principle.
We confess that our anger and worry are often evidence that we do not trust you.
We do not trust you with our reputation, with our well-being, with our families, with our future.
Today, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Forgive what we owe you as we forgive what we believe others owe us.
Let us know our salvation and deliverance are from you.
And let us know salvation and deliverance from our fears and fretting now.
May it be so.


From Psalm 137, Genesis 45:3-11, and Luke 6:27-38

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