A love story.

May I tell you a relationship story?

A good friend recently came to a moment of decision. And in that moment decided to resign his job. It wasn’t that he heard a voice from God, or saw a vision, or anything that spectacular. And it wasn’t that he had something to move to. But he knew that somehow, it was time and that somehow, there was peace from God in this moment. The kind of peace he hasn’t had very often.

When he told his wife (which is the beginning of a sentence that has you asking, “you mean he hadn’t talked with her before making the decision?”), she asked whether he was sure. And ultimately she said, “I trust God, and I trust you to hear Him.”

UsAs I said, he hasn’t had that kind of peace very often and doesn’t make decisions that affect them both. Most often, they talk carefully and deliberate well. And take cautious steps.

But the two of them started their relationship with that big kind of decision, when he said that they should get married, while on a walk, while they were friends, before they dated.

Their trust of each other is pretty cool. He depends on her to listen for God’s prompting. He loves to listen to her pray, to her understanding of God and of people and of needs. Her awareness of needs and desire to meet them humbles him. And when she turns to him and says, “I trust God and I trust you,” well, it makes him tear up just to think of it.

They don’t always agree. They probably annoy each other from time to time. But they would never tell you without the other one in the room.

And of course, he’s grateful that they get to celebrate 33 36 years of marriage today, March 12, 2019.

Update: Three years ago, when I wrote this, we were living on a lot of uncertainty and a lot of faith. Since then, we’ve had deep grief, remarkable provision, and in all of that, great blessing.

Happy anniversary, Nancy. It’s not a typical love story, perhaps, but it’s ours. And I’m very good with that.


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  1. janeann72


    We want to share with you today your Anniversary
    We wish you every happiness until eternity.
    We pray your love will stronger grow
    As each year passes by.
    May God bless you In all you do
    We know He’ll satisfy.

    Click to access 6140EN_P01.pdf

    God has blessed your marriage with a Gift so precious that it takes two to share it.


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