Spirited conversations

Sunday will be Pentecost Sunday. It’s the day that parts of the church celebrate the sending of the Holy Spirit.That’s why I’ve been thinking and talking about the way people could speak in languages they didn’t know and the way people could hear God’s words in their own heart language.

That and some challenges we’ve seen with communication at the hospital.

roseglassNot miscommunication challenges. People with brains not functioning quite right challenges. People who are far from home and their home language challenges. As I’ve been with patients and families and coworkers, I’ve remembered the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the reversal of the curse of Babel. I’ve remembered the inspiring work of the Holy Spirit, the illuminating, the breath of God work.

And so I have asked God for Holy Spirit understanding of what is being meant for everyone involved. And peace of God peace in the frustration of not understanding.

It’s funny. As I think about some of those situations, there were just the right people at just the right time to bridge language gaps. There were tiny bits of recovery bringing clarity.

I’m grateful for the reminders to ask for help, even as we pursued the appropriate interpreters and technologies and therapies. I am aware of the ways that God and science collaborate in healthcare. And I know that not all stories turn out the way that we expect.

But even tragic moments, there is communication that is precisely right. Divinely right.

I don’t spend a lot of time asking God for physical healing. But all the time I ask for peace and courage and wisdom. And for Pentecost-Sunday kinds of communication. And all the time, I see what I ask for.