A prayer for Pentecost Sunday.

You are here.
We forget.
We make plans and then we ask you to make them happen.
We call it asking you to bless them.

IMG_3619.JPGBut you heard them all along.
Some of them you made suggestions and we listened.
On some of them, you made suggestions and we ignored.
On some of them, you long ago said, “don’t do that,” but we did anyway and asked you to bless our plans. To make them happen.

We confess to forgetting that you already know our plans.
We confess to forgetting that we seldom think about your plans.
We confess that we expect you to do what we say and get upset when you don’t.
We confess that we read the story of Pentecost, and forget, Holy Spirit, that you are here, now, in this place, as much as you were there, then, in that place.
We confess that you are here.

Spirit, we ask the Father in the name of the Son, that you will make us aware of your presence. We ask that you will teach us and remind us of what Jesus said. We ask that we will be full of your power in the same way that we are already full of your presence, that we will be aware of your guidance in the middle of our planning instead of at the end, that we will be honest in our confession and filled with joy in our confession.

May it be so.