Stop, how to.

We hear all the time about focusing, about stopping, about being present, about disconnecting.
All. The. Time.
And we don’t know where to start.

So we buy the amazing journal to replace the last amazing journal that we heard about in the amazing and convicting podcast that we were pointed to by the insightful and penetrating blog post, written by the famous author of the best-selling book which was all about stopping.
And the whole process of learning about stopping kept us so busy that we used up the fifteen minutes we had between the binge show and the scheduled event.

Every. Single. Time.

And all that I’m hearing as I write this, fitting it in between the three jobs and the premarital counseling is this: Be. Still.

The words Jesus spoke to the storm.

The words the Psalmist spoke to the nations.

The words the Psalmist spoke to his own heart.

And I hear, as you do, in your own spirit, the list of what needs to be done to measure up to the list of things that you believe are important to be a good _____ which is your aspiration.

But that list is perhaps not part of the focus. That list is perhaps part of the storm. And the methods and strategies and tools and podcast are perhaps not part of the “be still”. They are perhaps part of the storm.

And so, for the next five minutes before we have to go change for what is next, here is the simple method for stopping the storm, for a minute or five or 500.

Say to the method and the list and your heart and the voice in your head this simple phrase: “Storm? Jesus said ‘be still’. And so I am.”

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