Remember what’s done and receive a blessing.

We’re done with the first six months of the year. That means we’ve been able to tear off a bunch of calendar pages. But many of us are more aware of what we have gotten done, or haven’t gotten done yet, or still have to do in the next week (or month or year) than we are aware of what’s gotten done.

If you are frustrated by what’s not done, spend 20 minutes making a list of what is done. What broken limbs did you survive and heal from? What weddings or funeral or births did you plan and complete? What difficult conversations did you endure? How many times did you brush your teeth? How many times did you do your job?

Sometimes I make a done list as I go through the day. It’s a way to remember that I actually accomplished things in days that feel like I didn’t. Every conversation, every surprise email that needs a response, every “it will just take a minute” project I complete goes on the list.

But the completed items are not on the list to feel bad, to judge myself for being so scattered. The list and each item on it is a reminder that most of us don’t have big blocks of time to work on one project. We have bits of time between. And we need to give ourselves a way to remember that many of the interruptions ARE the work, they are the way that God uses us in the lives of others.

You have done stuff. You have changed lives. You have accomplished more than the voice in your head allows you to remember.

So make a done list.

And receive a blessing.