Jeremiah 14:37

That’s the verse that I wrote in my notebook.

I was making a list of things to write about, having spent the whole day writing posts for the conference I’m attending. Sometimes when you turn out words all day, it’s hard to process thoughts, to find your own voice. I have a long list of things to think about when I have the time. (Or make the time).

So as I’m working on what to write about I wrote “Jeremiah 14:37.”

I’m not linking to that verse for a very good reason. Because it doesn’t exist. There are only 22 verses in chapter 14 of Jeremiah.

I could, I suppose come up with some Jeremiahic statement and write Jeremiah 14:37 after it. And some people would take it at face value because it came from the Bible. And some people would discount it completely, because it came from the Bible.

So I won’t.

But I do the equivalent often. I refer to what I’m pretty sure is in the Bible without looking it up, without checking it out. And you do the same. You and I (and her over there) identify something that we heard someone say came from the Bible and we repeat it and then agree or disagree vehemently.

Why do we do that?  We don’t know where to look, I suppose, or we remember where it was on page but can’t remember what page.

Or, I’m guessing, we’re pretty sure about a point we want to make and we just need something that sounds biblical to help us make it.

You know, I get really frustrated when people do that to me, take my words and twist them around and then get mad at me. At least be mad at what I actually said.

God’s probably the same as me in that.


From a few years back.

One thought on “Jeremiah 14:37

  1. Gary Mintchell

    I hate it when I get an idea for a blog post and look up the reference I’m thinking of only to discover the verse has an entirely different meaning. Or isn’t even there. Must be why it happens so often when I lead a Bible study that I hear the comment, “Oh, that’s in the Bible!?”


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