A picture.

IMG_0997.JPGI’ve been waiting for the perfect post to share this photo. It’s a potato field near Howe, Indiana. Nancy and I were spending the night in a hotel just off the Indiana Tollroad. We walked to the end of the little access road, past the truck stop, past the water plant, past a couple other warehouse, farm business, industrial park businesses. And found a field, at dusk, being irrigated. A potato field.

I think I’ve been looking for a time for a story about sunset, a parable about planting, a psalm about summer rain. I’ve wanted to illustrate.

Until this week, when I looked at the picture and thought, the meaning of the picture is that we took time off and went away and took a walk and looked at a field together.

This week I’ve been sharing some stories about going back to school, about thinking intentionally about learning. As we finish the first three quarters of the year and in the US have a long weekend (of which I will work two-thirds of (if you are at Parkview on Sunday or Monday, let me know)), it’s worth adding to our list of things to learn, stopping. And spending a little time with the people who give us life. Not for illustration purposes, not for the stories we will be able to tell, not because it’s good for us.

Just because we’re human and need people and need to stop. Even if it’s just to look at a potato field at sunset.